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Portland Divorce Attorney

Portland Divorce Attorney – Henry LeSueur

As an experienced Portland divorce attorney, The LeSueur Family Law Firm represents our clients with every phone call, email, and court appearance. We understand that you want to resolve your divorce case with the best possible outcome, which is why we provide options and sound divorce legal advice. We offer strategies to stay out of court and away from trial, or, if necessary, strategies to win the best result at trial. Whether in a trial or settlement conference we will always be a strong advocate for you and below are some ways in which we can help you get through your divorce.

Can You And Your Partner Cooperate In Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce 

Collaborative divorce works just like it sounds. The parties work together in a series of meetings or settlement discussions to resolve the issues in a divorce one-by-one until a final agreement is reached. In many cases, parties will sign participation agreements, but sometimes formal agreements are not necessary. The main benefit to these arrangements is that the process is kept confidential between the parties, agreements are made in a low-conflict environment and the parties agree to be open an honest with each other. Collaborative divorce is not for everyone. If parties can’t reach an agreement in collaborative divorce then any work product created in that process cannot be subsequently used in the divorce. In essence, you start over. A collaboarative divorce lawyer, like the LeSueur Family Law Firm, would be with you to assist and support your interests in the divorce negotiations. 

When You And Your Spouse Can’t Agree

High Conflict Divorce

Divorce can be high conflict for many reasons. It can simply be that you can’t get along with your spouse. On the other hand, issues such as domestic violence, drug dependence and financial infidelity can often escalate conflict in a divorce. Wherever the high conflict comes from our goal is to take that stress off you and get the job done.

Although high conflict is an unfortunate circumstance our firm handles these cases better than any other firm. These cases require excellent demeanor in the courtroom and intense focus on moving the case along. Especially when one party is dragging their feet or withholding information, you need an attorney with experience compelling documents from them, or subpoenaing records from a third party, such as a bank or medical provider. Sometimes it may be appropriate to seek a court order requiring your spouse to submit to a drug test or to participate in treatment or parenting education classes. Most cases don’t require such extreme measures, but having a law firm experienced in high conflict divorce makes a world of difference when cooperation doesn’t work.

Divorce Dispute Resolution

Divorce Arbitration 

Some divorces are resolved with the help of a third-party neutral outside of a court of law in a process known as alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) or arbitration. An arbitrator is not a judge, but acts like a judge to resolve the issues in your case. An arbitrator will always be a lawyer and sometimes will be a retired judge who usually has some sort of specialty that is applicable to your case, such as real estate law or business law. Divorce arbitration is most appropriate for cases that do not involve child custody or parenting time issues and is mandatory for most cases that involve only the division of businesses or property. Although arbitration is less formal than a court of law the decisions are often binding and the support of a good Portland divorce attorney through the process will help you get to the best result.

LGBT Representation

The LeSueur Family Law Firm strives to provide the best representation to our clients regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We are proud to have represented several LGBT clients in family law matters. 

Same sex marriage has been legally recognized in Oregon since May 19, 2014 and since then Oregon has codified gender neutrality into its marriage and divorce statutes.  So, finally, LGBT clients are treated equally under the law. No matter whether you need representation for child custody, divorce, or some other family law matter, The LeSueur Family Law Firm will handle your case with the dignity and respect you deserve.

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