DUI Lawyer Fees

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Oregon DUI lawyer fees for defense on a DUI charge can from $1,500 to $10,000 and up depending on the lawyer and depending on the case.

Our firm does DUI representations on a flat-fee basis that depends upon the complexity of the case. Because the majority of cases are resolved without a trial, we offer low pre-trial representation fees that give you the comfort of legal representation without the high initial retainers charged by other firms. We can solve most first-time offender cases for a fee of $1500. Only if your case is heading for trial do you pay for the preparation and execution of a trial. This two-tier fee approach keeps costs to a minimum.

Cases that require multiple or lengthy court appearances cost more. If you are a student or have other special financial circumstances then we are open to working with you on reduced fees or payment plans. We will often work with people on payment plans when they are unable to pay the initial retainer immediately, but need representation right away. Please call to discuss our affordable DUI legal fees.

Our Attorney Fees for a most first time cases:

$1,500 for representation on the DUI Criminal Charge
$500 for representation at a DMV Hearing
$500 for representation on each Additional Criminal Charge

$3,000 for representation at a Jury Trial

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