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Vehicular Crimes Defense Lawyer

Vehicular Crimes

We are the premier DUI defense firm and vehicular crimes defense attorney in Portland and surrounding counties. Because we have handled so many DUI and criminal defense cases we know that when you are involved in a serious traffic accident the charges can pile up. It is not uncommon to see four criminal charges when an intoxicated driver collides with another motorist. Criminal mischief will be charged if you damaged something. Assault may be charged if you hurt somebody. Reckless driving will be charged if you drove in a manner than endangered persons or property. You can see how one accident can lead to multiple criminal charges.

It is extremely stressful to come out of an accident with multiple criminal charges, but DUI Defense Attorney Henry LeSueur can help you understand what the likely outcome is for many of those charges. As a prominent criminal defense lawyer, he knows how a prosecutor decides between charging a misdemeanor and more serious felony charge. For the most part vehicular crimes are charged as misdemeanors unless someone gets hurt. If that happens, the case becomes very serious, very quickly and you need an aggressive DUI defense attorney to make sure that you are protected.

Part of our criminal defense strategy is to get some charges dismissed either through various plea agreements with the prosecutor or through agreements to compensate the victim. We understand that the prosecutors in different Oregon counties approach these criminal cases with different vigor and will offer very different deals. We know the differences where you live, which is why you should trust us to get you the best result possible.

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