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Firearms Crimes Defense Lawyer

Firearm And Gun Charges

It is legal for most people to possess guns in this country, but law-abiding citizens still can still get in trouble if they posses a gun in the wrong place or in the wrong manner. If you have been arrested on gun charges in Oregon you should trust Criminal Defense Lawyer Henry LeSueur to fight for your rights. Gun charges can have serious consequences. If you were arrested for possession of a gun while committing a felony, you need a good Criminal Defense Attorney because the sentence you face could be up to 30 years in prison in serious cases. Most people don’t have a criminal history and Criminal Defense Lawyer Henry LeSueur will sit down with you to explain the potential consequences of your criminal charge to you.

The LeSueur Family Law Firm aggressively represents their clients arrested on gun changes. Many cases are resolved with a plea arrangement, but Criminal Defense Lawyer Henry LeSueur has experience bringing these cases to trial. In Multnomah County, his client was found Not Guilty of unlawfully possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle. These cases are difficult to win because they require a Defense Lawyer poke holes in the prosecutor’s case and connect with the jury in a meaningful way. That is why trial experience matters in serious cases like these.

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