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Child support is money that one parent pays to another parent for the benefit of a joint child. A child support attorney may be hired during a divorce or custody case to make sure a each parent shares the financial responsibility for a child through a child support order. As a Child Support Attorney, Henry LeSueur knows the laws and administrative rules that Judges must follow in a child support case. He can advocate on your behalf to make sure that the child support you pay or receive is appropriate for your unique family arrangement.

Establishing Support is easy. You can apply for it on the Division of Child Support’s Website and they will help determine the correct amount, help you collect it by withholding it from your spouses wages and keep track of any overdue balance when it is not paid. The amount of support owed from one parent to another depends primarily upon two factors: each parent’s income and parenting time with a child. The need to rely on child care can also significantly increase a child support obligation. There are dozens of other considerations, however, that can go into establishing child support that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. An experienced Child Support Attorney, such as Henry LeSueur, can help you decide whether these other factors, which can often be overlooked, should be considered in your case.

Oregon provides a Child Support Calculator to come up with a presumptively correct amount of child support. This is the amount that is considered appropriate for typical families. The presumptive amount may not be appropriate for your family. There are different ways to use the calculator and different ways to increase or decrease the presumptively correct. Because of this complexity, you may need to hire an experienced child support attorney, such as Henry LeSueur, to assist you with your child support case.

Oregon Division of Child Support Website

Uniform Support Declearation – Download (PDF)

Talk to a child support attorney
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