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Portland Propert Crimes Lawyer

Property crimes consist of well-known crimes such Theft or Burglary and also less-known crimes such as Identity Theft, Computer Crime, Criminal Mischief and crimes related to the unlawful use, possession and transfer of vehicles. Many of these crimes have complicated legal definitions, not the plain language meaning you might expect. As a property crimes lawyer, we will help you understand the nature of the crimes you’ve been charged with and what possible defenses you have to them.

Property crimes can have severe consequences and could carry mandatory minimum prison sentences if you have a previous property crime conviction. This is the result of Ballot Measure 57, which set presumptive minimum prison sentences for repeat property crime offenders. These minimum sentences can be from 18 months to 24 months in prison. As a propert crimes lawyer, we provide strong advocacy for people who are potentially subject to these extreme minimum sentences. Because of our experience with this complicated law, we can provide the best counsel if you are charged with a property crime so that you know the risks and benefits to taking such a case to trial.

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