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Child Relocation

There are lots of good reasons you might want to move to another state: work, a new love or a fresh start. Whatever the reason, you are allowed to move about this country as freely as you wish. When relocation will have significant consequences for your minor children, however, the courts can have a very real practical impact on whether your plans for child relocation succeed. We will help you figure out whether Oregon courts will allow you to relocate with your child.

Whether you plan to move more than 60 miles away from the other parent is the first part of the analysis. If your move is 60 miles or shorter than you have no legal obligation to provide advance notice of your move to the other parent. Child relocation 60 miles or more away from the other parent is when Oregon Law requires you to take certain steps to notify the other parent and provide them with an opportunity to object.

We have advocated in favor of our client’s moves and opposed the moves of their former spouses. In either case the concern is very similar: that one parent move with a child will strain the relationship the child has with the other parent. Oregon, like most states, has a strong policy disfavoring such moves. That is why a court will often modify custody in favor of the non-moving parent if the move will cause unjustified strain on the parent-child relationship. However, many times parents can make long-distance parenting plans work. We will listen to the reasons for the move and help craft a parenting plan that will respect he parenting rights of both parents. If necessary, you can count us to advocate on your behalf as we have done for our clients in numerous relocation cases

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