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When you or a loved one is charged with a crime we know that time is of the essence. You have questions and concerns about what the charges mean and how you can improve the outcome in the case. As an preeminent Portland criminal defense law firm, we have the answers you need and charge no fee for initial phone consultations in criminal law cases. Our attorney, Henry LeSueur, believes that a criminal defense lawyer needs to be aggressive because the police and prosecutors are aggressive.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, Henry LeSueur will explain the best and worst possible outcomes for your case. Building a defense case is very detailed work that often involves the use of experts to examine evidence that may help exonerate you. Attorney LeSueur has years of experience working with the best Criminal Defense Experts in Oregon. He can help you make an informed decision about whether to take a case to trial or he can help you build the best possible case for a plea deal. Ultimately, juries decide most criminal matters that go to trial, which is why we think the best outcome comes from a defense lawyer that takes the time to get to know you, and who believes in you and your case. Henry LeSueur is a defense lawyer that is invested in his clients and believes he can help them succeed.

The LeSueur Law Firm, LLC is a criminal defense organization that handles many types of criminal defense cases including drunk driving charges, assault charges and drug charges. Henry LeSueur has experience with a wide variety of cases, from low-level misdemeanors to felony cases that could carry a sentence of several years in prison.

As a premier private defense attorney, Henry LeSueur will advocate for your best interests. He is who you want representing you in a criminal trial.


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