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We are here to help you cope of with the stress of any family law case. As a highly experienced Family Law Attorney, Henry LeSueur knows the family law court system and what it takes to succeed. Whether your case involves a divorce, child custody, paternity or support matter, we strive to make whatever transition you’re going through as easy as possible. The LeSueur Family Law Firm, LLC is a Family Law Firm that specializes in representing clients in divorce cases in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas County. Our office is in downtown Portland, which makes it convenient to get to the courts in all three counties.

We pride ourselves on always getting back to clients quickly so that your questions are answered without delay. When it comes to protecting your children time is of the essence and you need someone who is willing to get into court fast to represent you. We understand this and will always make arrangements to handle your urgent family law matters.

Going through a divorce or other legal matter can often be distracting and overwhelming. As a preeminent Portland Divorce Attorney, Henry LeSueur knows this and believes attorneys should make your decisions easier. Divorce is complicated and the divorce laws and procedures can be hard to understand. The LeSueur Family Law Firm can explain the divorce process to you in simple terms and take care of the difficult parts of your case so that your life is less complicated. We know that you want to get through your case quickly and efficiently so that you can get back on track towards your own personal and financial success.

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