How to reduce DUI penalties

How to reduce DUI penalties

Special DUII programs available to Multnomah County residents

Multnomah County is one of the few Oregon counties that has programs, other than the statewide DUI diversion program, that can help you reduce DUI penalties and sanctions resulting from a conviction. Since Multnomah county experiences the most DUIs in Oregon, the county has come up with a lot of programs that can help people. These programs can reduce penalties in exchange for not contesting the charges. One of those programs is the expedited plea program or ex-plea program.

That program is for people who are facing their first DUI conviction. In most circumstances you’re going to have to serve some amount of jail time. And pay some amount of fines, In addition to having a license suspension. In the Multnomah county expedited plea program you can avoid jail time altogether, and in lieu of that, serve community service. If you do really well with that, for example in the first 60 days you do 60 hours community service, your fines may be cut in half. So what would’ve been a $1500 mandatory fine could turn into $750 fine. Some judges will even reduce it further than that if you completed all of your community service fairly quickly.

Some penalties are mandatory. Some penalties are discretionary. With your first DUI conviction there is going to be exactly a one year license suspension. That increases if you get multiple DUI convictions. For example, If you get two convictions in five years the suspension goes up to a three year suspension. The discretionary penalties are the fines and the jail time. The fines range from $1000-$6250. The jail time ranges anywhere from 48 hours all the way up to one year. Where you land on that spectrum depends on your criminal history, the number of DUIs in your past mostly, and any aggravating or mitigating circumstances.

If someone is facing a conviction and the diversion program is not available to them, usually meaning that this isn’t their first DUI, prosecutors want to see that those people are actively taking steps to address an alcohol problem, which may be entering a treatment program right away, or taking care of any property damage that you may have caused. The biggest driver of a lawyer’s ability to reduce DUI penalties and sanctions is showing that someone has voluntarily begun engaging in alcohol treatment.

In the case of the very serious DUI offender who already has three convictions and is facing a lengthy prison sentence, there is something called the DISP program. DISP is a very intensive supervision program. Although it may be better than a prison sentence it comes with very intensive monitoring, a lot of court appearances, and a lot of cost to pay for all of that monitoring.

This is just a glimpse at some programs that can reduce DUI penalties and sanctions in different areas and different circumstances. Whatever your situation, getting legal advice from an experienced DUI attorney can help you get the best possible result from your case. Attorney Henry LeSueur has the expertise you need to negotiate a fair resolution to you DUI case and can help you get into programs that will ultimately reduce the penalties of your DUI case. Of course, your decision to plead guilty to a DUI and forgo a trial is also an important decision and an experienced DUI trial attorney like Henry LeSueur can fight your DUI in court if necessary.

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