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Driving Under the Influence

People arrested for DUI are good people who make a very common mistake: Driving under the influence when they have had too much to drink. With Alcohol being so popular in our world, it’s no surprise that the roads are filled with drivers who are driving around a little buzzed. To a certain extent, society tolerates that behavior. It is not illegal to have a drink and then drive, but it is illegal to drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol. The crime of DUI tries to draw a line in between driving responsibly after drinking alcohol and criminally driving drunk. If you’ve been arrested for the crime of DUI, hiring the premier Portland DUI lawyer Henry LeSueur can help protect your reputation and your future.

Why Hire Henry LeSueur | DUI Defense Lawyer | Portland, Oregon

Henry LeSueur is a premier DUI Defense Lawyer in the Portland area and all over Oregon. He has five years of experience as DUI lawyer and has defended DUI cases in most of the major counties in Oregon. Hiring Henry LeSueur as your DUI Defense Attorney is a great idea because he has probably handled dozens of cases just like yours. Knowing the local procedures for your DMV hearing or DUI criminal case is crucial to your case and one of the reasons why The LeSueur Law Firm can provide you with the best Oregon DUI Lawyer.

Trial experience is also very important for a DUI Lawyer. Henry LeSueur has defended people in DUI trials all over Oregon, including Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Marion County and Troutdale, OR. Most of these trials are jury trials, meaning that 6 or 12 of your peers decide whether you committed a Drunk Driving Offense. Sometimes an experienced DUI Attorney knows that a case is best decided by a judge, not a jury. That is the defendant’s choice to make and Henry LeSueur has been successful winning a complicated Prescription Drug DUI case that was tried to a judge in Washington County, OR. You should hire Oregon DUI Defense Lawyer Henry LeSueur because he has a proven track records of getting both juries and judges to vote “Not Guilty,” resulting in acquittal of a DUI charge.

Many people charged with drunk driving consider the diversion program instead of trial. This is a good choice for those who are eligible. As a premier Oregon DUI Attorney, Henry LeSueur can help you assess your eligibility and anticipate any objections to diversion. Even if you are certain diversion is the correct path for you the LeSueur Law Firm will make sure all of the paperwork is completed and submitted to the court properly. You will also have the benefit of having a dedicated Oregon Defense Lawyer by your side at both of your court dates, making sure that you know what to say and how to make special requests of the court and DMV regarding your case.

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